In today’s economy, there may be no task more critical than making sure people have jobs. Good jobs. Jobs families can live on. Jobs careers can be built on.

At Metropolitan Community College, we know how important a strong talent pool is to our economic development, and we understand our role in building that strong regional workforce. That’s why we keep higher education close to home, responsive to area businesses, and affordable for anyone who desires to learn.

We owe it to our students to look toward the future and provide them with the skills and training for the jobs of both today and tomorrow. But we can’t do that alone.

After four decades of success and record enrollment growth, MCC’s facilities must expand to meet student and community demands. Our facilities master plan demonstrates a responsive framework for growth at all campuses and centers. It is designed to:

  • Train students for today’s jobs
  • Prepare students for tomorrow’s jobs
  • Provide students with tools and opportunities for lifelong learning

If we are to meet the demands in front of us, we can only do so with partners who share our ideals of inclusiveness, leadership and sustainability, with an overarching commitment to quality education, workforce development and community building.

We invite you to be a part of this effort… to help us deliver the promise.

Why is a publicly funded institution asking for private support?

State appropriations, tuition/fees and property taxes only cover a portion of what it costs to operate the College. Private gifts are needed to help ensure student success and quality of services. Private support can also add a margin of excellence that public dollars cannot.

What are the priorities of the Delivering the Promise campaign?

The campaign supports MCC’s master facilities plan, which responds to the needs of our students and communities. The comprehensive campaign addresses the need for student scholarships and program enhancement throughout the MCC system, along with additional state-of-the-art facilities on two campuses: Fort Omaha and Elkhorn.

How can I learn more about the projects the campaign is supporting?

To learn more about the facilities master plan, you can visit

Why is the College investing in facilities and scholarships like never before?

The need has never been greater. As we recover from the recession, MCC serves more students than before the economic downturn. And more of those students have financial challenges – in fact, last year’s federal financial aid report indicates MCC students still have more than $20 million in unmet need. Meanwhile, technology and workforce needs are rapidly changing and demanding our nimble response. Addressing these demands means putting innovation at the center of how we deliver education.

Is there a minimum amount I can pledge?

Every gift, no matter the size, is greatly appreciated.

Don’t see your question here?

We are happy to answer any questions you might have about
giving to the MCC Foundation. Please contact the Foundation office 
at 531-MCC-2346.