With the rising cost of education in America today, the words “college” and “scholarship” should go hand in hand.

In the past decade, the MCC Foundation has awarded almost $1 million in scholarships to students. The MCC Foundation offers donors the opportunity to tailor scholarships to meet their philanthropic priorities.

Support Students Today

An annual scholarship can be set up to immediately benefit students. Named scholarships run for set periods of time and for the program of your choosing. A good place to start is with at least $5,000 per award for four years, which goes a long way at MCC.

Support Students Ongoing

Endowed scholarships allow you to invest in students today – and continue to give far into the future. For example, you can take up to five years to fund a $10,000 endowed scholarship. Once complete, the award will help a student cover about a quarter’s worth of classes each and every year thereafter.

Dual Credit

When high schools offer MCC courses, we keep the tuition affordable so as many students can participate as possible. Your support will make sure financial need doesn’t stand in the way of any student who wants to get a head start on college while they’re still in high school.

Scholarship Matching Fund

A growing number of community partners want to help students build their career skills at MCC. Organizations like the AKSARBEN Foundation are partnering with MCC to provide matching scholarships that cover the full cost of an MCC education. With these comprehensive scholarship funds, more students will be able to focus on their studies, get done, and get to work. As these students complete their career degrees at MCC, they will be prepared to enter high demand, high wage occupations that need their talents.

Other Student Support

MCC students tend to wear a lot of hats – employee, parent, student, to name a few. Sometimes it’s the other costs of living outside of tuition and fees that present barriers to completing their degrees. Your gift can help fund emergency support to keep students in school, or help pay for housing, transportation, books, uniforms or classroom supplies.


Please call the MCC Foundation or see our scholarship section for more information.